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Activities and events for Knights and Parishioners of St Anthony's


General Meeting - Thursday, 1st February

The next monthly General Meeting of the Knights of St Thomas More will be held on Thursday 1st February at 19.30 in the Parish Center at St Anthony's. From 20.15 we will have a presentation from Dr Michael Kuhn, Deputy Secretary General of Comecé, who counts 'Ecology and Sustainability' among his areas of responsibility.

Dr Kuhn will be explaining the Church's views on Climate Change issues in the light of Laudato Si' - the encyclical from Pope Francis.   Since this is a topic of wide interest, any parishioners who are interested to come along for the presentation and to join us for refreshments afterwards. 


Join us for our Southern Cross Wine Cruise! 

Ticket price - only €25!

On Saturday 27th January, the Knights of St Thomas More will be hosting their annual wine tasting event at St Anthony's Parish Hall, starting at 19.00 and finishing some time after that!

When you visit the Southern Hemisphere, you can't help but notice that the night sky is quite different.  One of the most easily recognised features is the Southern Cross.  Through our virtual cruise we will enjoy a range of fine wines that have been created under the view of the constellation - wines from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and a number of South American countries.  We will be guided on our oneological tour by Miguel Saelens of "Mig's World Wines" in the Chaussee de Charleroi 43, Sint Gilles, Brussels - a Belgian with an Australian accent!! 

During the course of the evening, we will also be having a "Wine Quiz" that will test your knowledge and sobriety - the winners will be taking away wine prizes.  And there is a Tombola run on the evening for even more wine prizes!

In addition to the wines, you will be able to enjoy a delicious steak and salad dinner prepared for you by our Knights. So you will be able to enjoy all your wines and a steak dinner for the ridiculously low price of only €25!

All the profits will be going to charity - in past years we have been able to support the work of the Irish Franciscans in Zimbabwe with this event. 

The details you will want to be sure of are:

St Anthony's Parish, Oudstrijderslaan 23-25, 1950 Kraainem

Saturday 27th February, 19.00 to about 22.30

To be sure that you get a ticket to attend, you can order your tickets online now by following this LINK.


Pancake Breakfast - Sunday 18th February

The Knights of St Thomas More will be serving their famous, delicious Pancake Breakfast after both the 10.00 and 11.30 Masses at St Anthony's on Sunday 18th February.  

Ham, sausages, eggs and lots of pancakes and syrup with juice or coffee to rinse it down.  

All for a donation at your discretion - all the profits will be going to charity!