Are you just ‘passing through’… or do you want to make a difference?
You can make a difference with the Knights of Saint Thomas More.

On short or long term assignment, it is difficult to connect with the local community.  There is always a danger that you will simply “pass through” without fulfilling your potential role or capabilities in the community.  The answer is to join the Knights of St Thomas More.

The Parish of St Anthony’s offers a warm welcoming community.  And the most effective way to find a place for yourself within it, is to join the Knights of Saint Thomas More.  Straightaway, you can have a real involvement in Parish life – to support and grow your faith with works that contribute to the Parish and the wider community.

You will meet and work with other expatriates and Belgian nationals who have similar commitments and ideals – sharing your interests, beliefs and values.  So you will be able to build lasting friendships as you take a more active role in your Church.

Under the banner of “Families, Fraternity and Faith” we strive to foster a sense of community, fellowship and good will in the parish with opportunities to meet, share and enjoy. 

The Knights of Saint Thomas More is an affiliate of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, inspired by the founder of the movement of Catholic Knights, Father Michael J. McGivney.  Our active members include those from St Columbanus in Ireland, the Knights of St Columba in the United Kingdom and the Knights of Columbus in the USA.  Membership of any of these or other Alliance orders of Catholic Knights confers membership to the Knights of St Thomas More.

Ours is a new Order, established in April 2001.  We are ambitious in our vision and our objectives.  We know that which we wish to achieve will take a great deal of work, so we need many Knights to share the load.  We are looking for your energy and creativity, your commitment to apply your practical skills to shape our Order, to benefit yourself, your family, your church and community. 

Join us and make a difference.