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Today in the Vatican, Benedict XVI received the Letters of Credence of Frank De Coninck, the new ambassador of Belgium to the Holy See, and reflected on Belgium in modern European society.
6 Oct 2006    Presentation from Fr Frank Turner SJ

Each of our lives, and therefore the true good of each of us, has several dimensions. These dimensions need to be distinguished but never separated.

30 Sep 2006    Interview with Fr Frank Turner SJ
The Director General of the Office Catholique d'Information et d'Initiative pour l'Europe discusses the European Union and accession of new states during a visit to Hungary
28 Nov 2005    The two sides of the policy to remove irregular migrants
The European Commission has presented a draft directive tackling "the removal of individuals from third countries making irregular stays".
1 Sep 2005    Blazing trail of fire: Come let us adore

In this article, Marie-Claire Bonavia, a pilgrim at World Youth Day (WYD), highlights that paradoxically, the riches of WYD do not reach their climax in the Day itself. This article is drawn from the COMECE magazine Europe Infos.

1 Sep 2005    Religious instruction in European schools

The question of whether knowledge of different religious practises in their specific forms is necessary for the survival of our society is currently being discussed in Europe in several contexts. This article is drawn from the COMECE magazine Europe Infos.

1 Aug 2005    A Great and Able Successor

A close collaborator of Pope Benedict’s believes the pontiff’s simplicity, humility and effectiveness as a teacher will help him and inspire others.

25 Apr 2005    The multicultural Church of Brussels
Canon Lode Vermeir is responsible for pastoral care of all those parishes in Brussels which are for those of us who are non-Belgian.  In this presentation to the Knights of St Thomas More, he describes the origins of the "Rainbow Church of Brussels" and the challenges that this presents.  We are very grateful to him for this. 
9 Apr 2005    Pope John Paul II – a personal reflection
A personal reflection on John Paul II from Bishop Donal McKeown, Chaplain to the International Alliance of Catholic Knights
Here is the English translation of the homily, delivered in Italian by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, at the funeral Mass for the Holy Father John Paul II, held in St Peter's Square, today, Friday 8th April 2005
Following is the text of the spiritual testament of John Paul II, which was released today in an Italian translation of the original Polish. The translation from Italian into English has been done by VIS
6 Apr 2005    Why progressive Westerners never understood John Paul II
If I were Pope, I'd be a little irked at the secular media's inability to discuss religion except through the prism of their moral relativism.
On the vacancy of the Apostolic See and the election of the Roman Pontiff, paragraph 17 of the Apostolic Constitution determines the procedures and duties of the camerlengo of Holy Roman Church, who currently is Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo.
2 Apr 2005    POPE JOHN PAUL II DIES AT 84
Holy See Press Office Director Joaquin Navarro-Valls made this announcement of the death of Pope John Paul II.

April 2, 2005, marked the 9,664th day of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, calculating from October 22, 1978.  His is the 3rd longest pontificate in the history of the papacy.

1 Apr 2005    Reflection on the scandal of clergy child abuse
As I watched and followed the parade through the ancient cobbled streets and marvelous medieval squares of Leuven, Belgium and witnessed the joyful faces of the young children at seeing Sint Niklaas, I wondered about the current sex abuse crisis in the Church.
15 Mar 2005    Knights of Peter Claver Names New Executive Director
The Knights of Peter Claver, Inc. and the Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary, the nation's largest historically African-American Catholic lay organization, recently named Athanase J. Jones, Jr., 42, its new Executive Director. Jones becomes the order's fifth director and the first one appointed in 32 years. He succeeds W. Charles Keyes, Jr. who died in September 2004.
22 Feb 2005    The Rapid Development

Pope John Paul II has urged us to use the communications media well in the service of truth and in the service of the Gospel.  We should express our preoccupation with the bad uses to which the media can be put - pornography, character assassination, sensationalism; but we should be especially eager to praise those who do good things in the media, to encourage them, to support them; and we should not fail to use the media ourselves, not only to tell the good news - the Gospel - of Jesus Christ, but also to tell the good news of what the Church is doing in the name of Jesus.

1 Feb 2005    The Da Vinci Code, the Catholic Church and Opus Dei
Although readers understand that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction, many don't realise the extent to which the author has altered the truth to suit his purpose.  This interesting article highlights inaccurate information regarding Opus Dei in the fiction.
1 Nov 2004    Ars moriendi?
The debate in the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe on the topic of “Euthanasia” goes into its second round.
12 Oct 2004    A quarter of a century of IACK
When the International Alliance of Catholic Knights celebrated its Silver Jubilee, Right Rev. Bishop Donal McKeown, the International Chaplain, offered this message of congratulations and encouragement.
3 Jun 2003    Considerations regarding legal recognition of unions between homosexual persons
This is a well thought out and articulate treatise on the issues surrounding same-sex unions.  The Church's opposition is based not only on moral grounds, but also on rational, biological, anthropological and legal grounds.  Each of these arguments is presented in a dispassionate, philisophical and rational manner.
22 Jun 2002    Fr. Jan Kerkhofs SJ on Saint Thomas More
When the Knights celebrated the feast of St Thomas More at the the Irish College in Leuven, their guest was Fr. Jan Kerkhofs SJ, long an admirer of More.  He spoke of More's relationship with Leuven and the Church. 
7 Jun 2001    Br. Dave Sonnier - Farewell presentation
A founding member, David Sonnier, was posted out of Brussels soon after inauguration of the Order.  His farewell speech to his brother Knights is a strongly worded reminder of the challenges facing the Catholic Church and thus its Knights.
28 Apr 2001    Inauguration of The Knights of Saint Thomas More
The Order of Catholic Knights of Saint Thomas More was inaugurated on 20th April 2001 at St Anthony's Parish in Kraainem, Belgium.